Midsize 3/4″ Block Letter File

Midsize 3/4″ Block Letter File


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(Contains 1,204 Letters and Numerals)

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The kit Includes 35-tab index guides and one sheet each of A-Z, and Numerals 0-9. In
addition, you receive one sheet of Petite &, Petite #, Petite Hearts, Petite Stars (per
your order color) and one sheet of Petite Red Hearts.

Individual sheets of single letters/numerals are available for refill.

Total Count Per Letter:

A-36 B-32 C-32 D-32 E-32 F-32 G-32 H-32 I-60 J-32 K-32 L-32 M-28 N-32 O-32 P-32 Q-32 R-32 S-32 T-40 U-32 V-32 W-28 X-32 Y-52 Z-32

• The letters M and W are interchangeable.

Total Count Per Numeral:

0-32 1-60 2-32 3-32 4-32 5-32 6-32 7-32 8-32 9-32

The letter O is used to make a zero.

The letter I and the number 1 are interchangeable.

The numbers 6 and 9 are interchangeable.

Total Count & per Sheet: 35

Total Count # per Sheet: 56

Total Count Hearts per Sheet: 77

Total Count Stars per Sheet: 60