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Thank you for visiting our website and thank you to all of our loyal customers throughout the many years. If you're just learning about us, welcome! Please know that we are always happy to take your phone or fax orders for all of our products.

We have tried to capture the colors of our materials as accurately as possible. Our adhesive products contain a very fine glitter particle wich is challenging to photograph.  Differences in indoor and outdoor lighting, product photography here on our website, and monitor settings can create varying shades and affect the shimmer of a particular color.  The actual product, however, will display a beautiful, uniform look.

Because of variations in computer monitors and resolutions, product images cannot be shown as "actual size" or proportion.  We have included sizes and dimensions in the header or details section for each product category or individual product.

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Colorco LLC



Order forms may be printed to fill up to 8.5" x 14" legal size paper

PDF ICON Order Form For "Script Sympathy Words" Click Here (PDF File Format)

PDF ICONOrder Forms For All Colorco Products Click Here (PDF File Format)


Looking For "Gold?"

Our glitter gold is a very popular color for many of our customers. We offer it in two shades, Bold Gold and Soft Gold. The samples bellow will help you determine which one you currently use or prefer.

Glitter Adhesive Gold Sample

Glitter Adhesive Color Chart

Glitter Adhesive Color Chart


   What is weeding?

Weeding is the process of removing the excess material that's around and in the center of the words or letters. We provide the Weeding Tool with your first order for that purpose. It has a sharp pointed end, but don't worry, a cork top protects the needle from being exposed when not in use. The Weeding Tool is also very helpful for "lifting" the product off the sheet and aligning it on ribbon or your desired surface. 

Weeding Tool

Weeding Illustration

Although it may appear that this excess material is simply waste, you may be surprised to find out how many different designs or uses you can create with it. Here, the centers of some of the letters, accompanied with Colorco's hearts, are used to accentuate "Mom" on a beautiful sympathy spray. We want our product to help YOUR product stand out and to be easy to use. If you need a Weeding Tool, let us know and we'll send one to you.

Mother Sympathy Spray


Typeface Anatomy

Colorco's Chapel and Serif letter styles are somewhat similar in design. An easy way to distinguish between the two is to notice the "stems." One has spurs and the other doesn't.

Chapel and Serif Sample

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