Meet Manufacturer and Supplier of the Floral Industry, US

Carolyn Stoughton, Barrie Stoughton

We have been manufacturing and supplying the floral industry with a quality product that is affordable, easy to use, attractive, and complimentary to floral design for over thirty years.

It first started in Texas in 1978 when Carolyn Stoughton realized there was a need for florists that weren’t being met. While helping a florist during football mum season working in the mess of glitter and glue, an innovative idea was born. A new adhesive, peel off press on, non-shed glitter lettering was introduced and immediately welcomed by the floral trade. At an FTD trade show, one florist was so impressed that she comically remarked,

“It’s the best invention since the wheel!”

The company’s beginning was modest, but the company grew rapidly with Barrie Stoughton’s sales talents and Carolyn’s creativity and desire to “free” the florist from a messy, smelly, time-consuming production.

Over the years, Barrie Stoughton’s charismatic, fun personality at the trade shows created a lot of positive buzz and entertainment as he was a friend to everyone. Many of our loyal customers remember his signature “GOOD MORNING” shout upon entering the show.

It has been our honor to keep our customers happy and satisfied with an excellent product and service that is guaranteed and goes unmatched from those early days! Our biggest compliment is welcoming new customers simply by word of mouth and referral.

Whether you are involved in floral or craft, you’ve come to the right place where it all began. We have beautiful and exciting adhesive products in various colors especially made for you!

Your floral designs and craft projects deserve the best – they deserve Colorco!